Rendevous of Distribution Camp

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This camp was first located near Fort Ellsworth, on Shutter's Hill. It moved in December 1862 to 4 Mile Run. Originally in tents, the camp had barracks at the new site. The Indexes explain that the camp was "organized for the accommodation of Convalescents en route to their commands; a stragglers' camp was added in Sept. '62 & still later a camp for Drafted Men & Recruits." In March of 1862, the "Paroled Prisoners' Camp" merged with the convalescent camp. In January of 1864, the whole place was reorganized under the name Rendezvous of Distribution Camp. The newly named camp was organized into three divisions, with each division having four sections. Division 1 - Convalescents; Division 2 - Distribution; Division 3 - Paroled. Sections: 1 - New England; 2 -New York; 3 - Pennsylvania and "Southern"; 4 - Western troops. The camp had a Medical Examining Board from Dec. 1862 to determine the fitness of men in the camp, and could discharge them, transfer them to the Veterans' Reserve Corps, or return them to duty. The camp was succeeded by the Rendezvous and Distribution Camp for men fit for service.


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