CASE 853.—Sergeant W. Roberts, Co. I, 7th New York Artillery, aged 35 years, was wounded in the left ankle, at Cold Harbor, June 10, 1864, by a conoidal ball, which passed from before backward, fracturing the external malleolus and opening the ankle joint. He entered Harewood Hospital, Washington, five days afterwards, at which time his constitutional state was very poor, the injured parts were in a very bad condition, and the wound discharged fetid pus. Resection of the ankle joint was performed on June 24th by Surgeon R. B. Bontecou, U. S. V., who exposed the articulation by incisions over the malleoli and excised the lower articular extremities of the tibia and fibula. Sulphuric ether was used. The patient did well up to July 1st. From that period diarrhœa set in and he gradually sank. There were no pyæmic symptoms. He died July 6,1864, from exhaustion. The history was reported by the operator.