CASE 130.—Private John Lower, Co. C, 178th Ohio, was admitted Feb. 6, 1865, with pain in the right side and cough of several weeks duration. He improved under treatment until March 1, when, having imprudently exposed himself, his symptoms became aggravated; dulness​ over greater part of right side. 8th: Delirium; skin yellow. He became steadily weaker and died on the 25th. Post-mortem examination: Right lung adherent at apex and anteriorly, carnified, containing several small abscesses, and compressed against the anterior wall by seventy-five ounces of pleuritic effusion and lymph-flakes; left lung adherent at apex and posteriorly, some hypostatic congestion. Liver congested and with patches of recent lymph on its upper surface.—Douglas Hospital, Washington, D. C.