CASE 156.—Private H. U. Cady, Co. K, 207th Pennsylvania, was wounded at Petersburg, April 2, 1865, by a conoidal ball. He was carried to the field hospital of the Ninth Corps, and remained there until April 5th, when he was taken on board the hospital steamer State of Maine. He died April 6th, during the trip to Alexandria, and was buried from the Third Division Hospital. Surgeon E. Bentley, U. S. V., who presented the injured upper extremity of the left femur, with portions of the ilium and ischium, to the Museum, furnishes the following description of the specimen, No. 3205, A. M. M., represented in the adjoining wood-cut (FIG. 31): "The bullet entered one inch above the symphisis and to the left of the median line, shattered the ramus of the pubes, left the obturator vessels untouched, passed through the acetabulum, grooving the head of the femur, and lodged in the loose tissue beyond. The ramus of the ischium appears to have been fractured by indirect violence. The bony fragments in the track of the ball are thoroughly necrosed."

FIG. 31.—Grooved head of left femur, with portion of ilium and ischium. Spec. 3205.