CASE 144.—Corporal Daniel Bachler, Co. G, 82d Illinois, aged 23 years, was wounded in the battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia, May 2d, 1863, by a round ball, which, entering just above the right trochanter major, fractured the neck of the femur, and emerged beneath Poupart's ligament about two inches from the symphysis pubis. He stated that he lay thirteen days on the plank road unattended. He was admitted May 15th to the field hospital of the 3d division, Eleventh Corps, and was transferred thence, by steamer, to Alexandria, and admitted May 25th into the First Division Hospital. The patient had been informed that the wound involved the soft parts only; cold-water dressings had been applied. The limb was shortened about three inches. A fracture through the neck was discovered. Partial union had taken place. There was little suppuration and the pus was healthy; the parts were but little swollen. Smith's anterior splint was applied and moderate extension made by weight and pulley. He was furloughed on July 14th for sixty days, and went to Chicago, Illinois. On September 10th Bachler was received into the City General Hospital in Chicago. A gunshot wound of the right hip joint was recorded. He was transferred to the 2d battalion of the Veteran Reserve Corps on August 7, 1864. The case is reported by Surgeon Norman S. Barnes, U. S. V. The patient was discharged on July 15, 1865. The Chicago Examining Board, Drs. Wm. C. Lyman, E. D. F. Roler, and F. A. Emmons, report on September 10, 1873: "The pensioner was shot through the hip close to the joint; there was loss of some small pieces of bone, and half an inch shortening of the limb." On April 3, 1878, the Board state: "There is partial loss of flexion and of power of leg, with neuralgic pains; the neuralgia is increasing."