CASE 130.—Private T. Caswell, Co. C, 6th New Hampshire, aged 30 years, was wounded in the right leg, at Bull Run, August 29, 1862. He was admitted to the Georgetown College Hospital, subsequently transferred to Satterlee, Philadelphia, and lastly to Lovell, Portsmouth Grove. Assistant Surgeon W. F. Cormick, U. S. A., in charge of the latter, reported: "Wound healed with severe contraction of the tendo-achilles, resulting from extensive and repeated sloughing. On October 5, 1863, tenotomy was performed, by dividing the tendo-achilles, by Acting Assistant Surgeon J. W. Cushing. The wound caused by the operation healed by November 23th, and the splints, etc., were removed, the foot and ankle resuming their former positions and functions. On December 15th the patient was able to walk without crutch or cane. He was discharged from service December 30, 1863." Examiner W. G. Perry, of Exeter, N. H., February 17, 1864, certified: "Ball entered the outside about midway between the knee and ankle joints, passing directly across the leg. * * There is contraction of the tendo-achilles, which has been partially relieved by division, but he cannot bring his heel entirely down. Standing causes pain." In October, 1869, he reported that contraction in the use of the leg had produced irritation of the eschar, resulting in ulceration. Examiner E. B. Hammond stated, September 11, 1875: "The foot is reduced in size, the leg is weak, etc. " The pensioner was paid June 4, 1876.