CASE 861.—Private F. Smith, Co. I, 10th New York, was wounded at Bull Run, August 28, 1862, was sent to Ryland Chapel Hospital, at Washington, in September. Assistant Surgeon V. B. Hubbard, U. S. A., reported that "a minié ball penetrated the bladder through the right ilium and lodged. Urine was extensively infiltrated into the surrounding tissues, and escaped with pus from the wound, especially during paroxysms of coughing and during defecation. A catheter was introduced into the bladder and maintained in position till death. There was a scanty flow of urine through the catheter, and during the last few days it was intimately mixed with pus. The surrounding tissues were much discolored, and would have sloughed extensively had the patient survived a violent irritative fever, of which he died September 14, 1862."