The Museum possesses a preparation (FIG. 290) of shot perforation of the urethra, contributed by Dr. R. K. Stone, with the following memorandum:

CASE A⁹.—"Mr. Corn. H——, one of two clerks, bosom friends, in Washington, in 1862, married a charming person, and took lodgings, at which his friend was a frequent and welcome visitor. After some months, annoyed by his comrade's assiduities near his wife, Mr. H—— returned unexpectedly, during office hours, to his bed-chamber, and became the unhappy witness of the infidelity of his wife, actually beholding the stylum in pyxide. He avenged himself with a Derringer pistol, aiming with such precision that the ball entered the raphe of the scrotum of the preoccupied paramour, traversed the penis forward and upward, and lodged in the pubic bone. Profuse hæmorrhage was quickly followed by hyperacute peritonitis, and the wounded man expired after thirty-six hours of agony."

FIG. 290.—Shot perforation of the penis, dividing the urethra. Spec. 902.