CASE 297.—Corporal C. B. Lupton, Co. B, 2d New York Cavalry, aged 20 years, was wounded at Upperville, June 21, 1863 [Dr. Ducachet² stated: "Rockville, July 28th;" but the man entered hospital on June 28th], by a solid conical pistol ball, which penetrated the lumbar region. He was conveyed in an ambulance to Georgetown, and entered the Seminary Hospital, whence Acting Assistant Surgeon T. W. Miller reports the progress of the case as follows: "The ball entered the lumbar region, passing between the second and third lumbar vertebræ and remaining in the abdominal cavity. On admission, the patient had high fever and great abdominal tenderness. He was ordered to have flaxseed cataplasms over the abdomen, to take calomel and opium, and low diet. This treatment was continued until July 2d, when the calomel was omitted and the opiate continued. On July 4th, the ball was passed by the anus, about 4 A. M., without any inconvenience to the patient." After this, he improved without any adverse symptoms, except, at times, a slight diarrhœa, which yielded to appropriate treatment. On July 28th, he was transferred to Armory Square Hospital, Washington, and was returned to duty October 3, 1863. The name does not appear upon the Pension List.

² DUCACHET. Gunshot Wounds of the Abdomen, Ball being passed by the Rectum, in the Am. Med. Times, 1863, Vol. VII, p. 134.