CASE 457.—Private Charles F. M——, Co. E, 19th Veteran Reserve Corps, was shot, at Sherburne Barracks, April 15, 1864, while resisting a sentinel. The charge entered posteriorly, between the eleventh and twelfth ribs, and emerged anteriorly, between the ninth and tenth. There was collapse from internal hæmorrhage, and the patient died in eleven hours from the reception of the injury. Cold external applications and free internal stimulation constituted the treatment. At the autopsy, the great lobe of the liver was found much torn, a large piece being separated; the right kidney was severed, and a portion of the transverse colon was torn away. The abdominal cavity was completely filled with blood. The specimen, with notes of the case, were contributed by Acting Assistant Surgeon Daniel Weisel, and has been already noted and figured in the Catalogue of the Surgical Section of the Army Medical Museum, 1865, page 487.

FIG. 105.—Section of right lobe of liver lacerated by a musket ball and buckshot. Spec. 2213. [Reduced to one-fourth.]