CASE 1760.—Pt. E. W. Law, Co. A, 1st Massachusetts, aged 21 years, was wounded at Oak Grove, June 25, 1862, and sent to St. Elizabeth Hospital, Washington; returned to his regiment at Fort Worth, Virginia, and subsequently discharged and pensioned. Surgeon F. LeB. Monroe, 1st Massachusetts, certified on his discharge papers: "Anchylosis of the right elbow joint, the result of shot wound. There is immobility of the joint, probably permanent, with loss of the power of supination." Examiner G. S. Jones, of Boston, recorded, October 14, 1862: "Anchylosis of right elbow joint. The arm has been left in a straight and pronated position, and its usefulness destroyed. It is the result of a shot wound of the elbow joint, and his disability is increased in consequence of neglect in its management." Examiners Fry, Treadwell, and Chase, of Boston, reported, August 9, 1871: "A ball entered the right arm at the insertion of the biceps, and escaped from between the olecranon and the inner condyle, its course being directly through the joint, which latter is anchylosed in a slightly flexed position. The ulnar nerve was divided, and connections have never been re-established. That part of the hand dependent upon the ulna for nervous power is paralyzed, and the flexor power of the radial side of the hand is so much weakened as to destroy the usefulness of the member." This pensioner was paid June 4, 1874.