CASE 1752.—Serg't B. D. Savage, Co. F, 3d Maine, aged 22 years, was wounded at the Wilderness, May 5, 1864. Surgeon D. Evarts, 20th Indiana, recorded: "Shot fracture of right elbow." The patient was treated at Campbell Hospital, Washington; discharged June 28, 1864, and pensioned. Examiner C. W. Snow, of Maine, reported, June 30, 1864: "A minié ball entered the right forearm, upper third, coming out above the joint, and fracturing the humerus; arm perfectly useless." Examiner A. Lambert, of Massachusetts, March 1, 1865, recommended a reduction of pension, stating: "The arm is improving rapidly, and the applicant is beginning to earn a respectable livelihood." Examiner G. A. Wilbur, of Maine, reported, March 5, 1866: "Shot wound of ulna, five inches below olecranon, to just above the right external condyle, shattering the lower end of the humerus. The arm cannot be extended exactly straight; otherwise perfect." Examiner Snow again reported, September 4, 1873: "Motion of elbow joint impaired; arm atrophied and painful; disability one-half." This pensioner was paid June 4, 1874.