CASE 1873.—Captain H. S. Harding, Co. A, 122d Ohio, aged 42 years, was wounded at Cold Harbor, June 3, 1864, and admitted to the field hospital of the 2d division, Sixth Corps. Surgeon R. Barr, 67th Pennsylvania, noted: "Gunshot fracture of left radius by shell; ligation of radial artery." Surgeon A. F. Sheldon, U. S. V., reported the patient's admission to Campbell Hospital, Washington, June 11th, with "gunshot fracture of left forearm," and his departure "on furlough, August 30th." This officer was mustered out of service October 29, 1864, and pensioned. Examiner Hildreth, of Zanesville, April 30, 1865, certified: "The missile passed through the lower third of the forearm, fracturing both bones. The wound was followed by erysipelas, etc. His fingers are partially stiffened, but they are gradually improving," etc. The Zanesville Examining Board reported, September 5, 1873: " * * * The fracture of the radius was superficial, that of the ulna was complete; the flexor tendons wounded, also the internal cutaneous nerve. The skin is numb on the inner side of the forearm, and there is adhesion of tendons at seat of wound to skin and fascia. Hence he can only flex the fingers to one-half, the adhesions limiting the further flexion of them, and from this cause the power of the forearm and hand is impaired." The pensioner was paid Sept. 4, 1875.