CASE 1828.—Private R. Phipps, Co. E, 30th Pennsylvania, aged 21 years, was wounded in the right elbow at Bull Run, August 30, 1862. He was admitted to Ascension Hospital, Washington, where the joint was excised. Surgeon J. C. Dorr, U. S. V., who performed the operation, reported that the patient died from "the effects of a gunshot wound of the arm" on September 20, 1862. The specimen, represented in the annexed wood-cut (FIG. 650), consists of two inches of the lower extremity of the humerus and the upper extremity of the ulna. The olecranon is badly fractured, a part of the trochlea is broken, and the articular surface of the greater sigmoid cavity and of the trochlea are deeply eroded; the outer condyle is intact, and shows but slight traces of disease. In the cut the extremity of the ulna is placed too far over on the radial side.

FIG. 650.—Excised elbow. Spec. 202.