CASE 1541.—Private A. Ziesse, Co. A, 16th Michigan, aged 32 years, was wounded at Poplar Grove Church, September 30, 1864. Surgeon W. R. DeWitt, jr.​, U. S. V., reports that he was struck by a minié ball in the right shoulder, and sent to a Fifth Corps hospital, and thence to City Point. Excision of the upper extremity was practised either on the field or at the base hospital. On October 7th, the patient was sent to Washington, and entered Lincoln Hospital. Assistant Surgeon J. C. McKee, U. S. A., reported: "Gunshot wound of the upper third of the right humerus, with comminution involving the shoulder joint. On October 3d, exsection​ was made of the head of the humerus with about two and a half inches of the shaft. The name of the operator is unknown. The patient improved very rapidly after entering the hospital. By December 26th, the cicatrix was clean and free." Dr. McKee had a photograph prepared January 10, 1865 (Contrib. Surg. Phot., S. G. O., Vol. II, p. 14). It is copied in the adjacent wood-cut (FIG. 437). At that date this soldier had perfect use of his hand, but had little control over the movements of the arm and forearm. He was sent to Detroit and discharged, and pensioned June 2, 1865. Examiner J. B. Scovell, of Detroit, December 14, 1866, described the course of the missile as: "Carrying away the head of the humerus and destroying the use of the joint," etc. This pensioner was paid September 4, 1874.

FIG. 437.—Cicatrix a fortnight after an excision at the shoulder. [From a photograph]