CASE 1535.—Private L. Baker, Co. B, 2d Rhode Island, aged 25 years, was wounded at Prince Street Prison, Alexandria, and was removed to the Third Division Hospital. The following was reported by the operator, Surgeon E. Bentley, U. S. V.: "Gunshot wound of the left shoulder. Ball entered in front, three inches below the point of the shoulder, passed backward and upward, and emerged from near the acromion process. July 14th, excision of four inches of humerus, including head, by a straight incision six inches long; two ligatures; but little hæmorrhage. Anæsthetic: chloroform. The bone below the anatomical neck was terribly comminuted, part of it reduced almost to a powder, mixed with the blood and driven into the tissues. The soft parts, severely lacerated, bled freely after injury; bleeding checked by persulphate of iron and compress. The patient at the time of operation was somewhat weakened by confinement and loss of blood, but otherwise in fair condition Water dressings. September 20th, wound doing well; abscesses have formed which have delayed the healing somewhat. Water and solution of sulphate of zinc has been the only local treatment. Stimulants internally. September 30th, wound nearly healed; in good health." The patient was transferred to the First Division Hospital on October 8th, and thence to Sickles Hospital​ Hospital, February 24, 1865;, and was discharged the service, for disability, June 2, 1865. He has never applied for a pension