CASE 1899.—Private H. Conrad, Co. H, 10th New York Cavalry, aged 44 years, was wounded at the Wilderness, May 7, 1864, and sent from a Sixth Corps field hospital to Douglas Hospital, Washington. On July 18th, he was transferred to the hospital at Blackwell's Island. Acting Assistant Surgeon Stephen Smith reported: "Admitted July 20, 1864; gunshot fracture of lower extremity of radius with resection of two inches; wound sloughy. Severe secondary hæmorrhage September 9th. September 10th, amputation two inches above elbow joint; flaps of skin and circular section of muscles; at time of operation hand and forearm tensely swollen and infiltrated; hand gangrenous; patient weak from loss of blood; very much dejected and indifferent; refused food and stimulants. Wound looked well for two weeks. General and great emaciation ensued, with disintegration of the margin of the flaps. Result: death from inanition, September 23, 1864. The autopsy revealed no morbid appearances except great emaciation."