CASE 1894.—Corporal P. P. Whitehouse, Co. C, 6th New Hampshire, aged 20 years, was wounded at Spottsylvania​, May 12, 1864, and admitted to the field hospital of the 2d division, Ninth Corps, where Surgeon J. Harris, 7th Rhode Island, recorded: "Fracture of forearm; resection by Surgeon J. S. Ross, 11th New Hampshire." On May 24th, the wounded man entered Mount Pleasant Hospital, Washington, whence Assistant Surgeon C. A. McCall, U. S. A., reported his convalescence from a resection of the lower third of the radius for shot fracture. The patient was subsequently treated at the Haddington and South Street Hospitals, Philadelphia, and at Webster Hospital, Manchester. Lastly, he was transferred to Central Park Hospital, New York City, where, on July 10, 1865, he was furnished with an apparatus, designed to promote the mobility of the hand, by Dr. E. D. Hudson. Surgeon J. J. Milhau, U. S. A., reported that the patient was discharged from service August 15, 1865, by reason of "exsection​ of two inches of the right radius on account of a gunshot wound." A cast (FIG. 685) in this case was contributed by Acting Assistant Surgeon G. F. Shrady. Examiner W. G. Perry certified, March 20, 1866: "The ball lodged in the radius about three inches above its lower end; it was removed and nearly two inches of the bone was taken out. The hand is drawn toward the radial side. The head of the ulna is thrown out; the fingers are stiff, and the hand at present is of no use to him as regards labor." At subsequent examinations Dr. Perry reports substantially the same, and in September, 1873, he adds: "There is no improvement in the disability." This pensioner was paid September 4, 1875.

FIG. 685.—Forearm after excision in the lower third of the radius for shot injury. [From a plaster cast.] Spec. 4378.