CASE 1898.—Private J. Contraman, Co. G, 142d Pennsylvania, aged 20. was wounded at Spottsylvania​, May 11, 1864, and admitted to Fairfax Hospital, from a Fifth Corps field hospital, on the 16th. Surgeon D. P. Smith, U. S. V., noted: "Gunshot fracture of left forearm by a minié ball. Excision of three inches of radius performed on the field." On May 18th, the parts being in a gangrenous condition, Surgeon Smith amputated the forearm at the upper third. The patient was extremely irritable. The treatment consisted in the application of pimple dressings, followed by a solution of bromine. Death resulted, on May 27, 1864, from pyæmia following the amputation. The specimen, represented in the accompanying wood-cut (FIG. 690), was forwarded to the Museum by Dr. Smith. It consists of the lower two-thirds of the bones of the left forearm from which three inches of the radius were excised primarily. The age of the patient was probably overestimated.

FIG. 690.—Excision in radius. Spec. 3297.