CASE 1921.—Private W. Van Nevil, Co. E, 8th Michigan, aged 14 years, was wounded at Petersburg, June 18th, 1864, and admitted to the Ninth Corps field hospital at City Point, June 21st, from a third division field hospital. On June 22d, Assistant Surgeon M. J. Asch, U. S. A., amputated the right arm on account of gangrene following an excision of one inch of the shaft of the right ulna for a shot fracture of the upper third of that bone by a minié ball. On July 1st, the patient was transferred to Washington, and admitted on the 2d to Mount Pleasant Hospital, where Assistant Surgeon C. H. McCall​, U. S. A., noted: "Died July 7, 1864, of diphtheria and wounds." The specimen, represented in the adjoining wood cut (FIG. 706), was contributed to the Museum by Dr. Asch. It consists of "the upper portion of the right ulna from which an excision has been made."

FIG. 706.—Exc'n in ulna. Spec. 2985.