CASE 1920.—Private J. Sullivan, Co. G, 49th New York, was wounded at the battle of Bull Run, August 30, 1862, and admitted to Harewood Hospital, Washington, September 5th. Surgeon T. E. Mitchell, 1st Maryland, noted: "Excision of three and a half inches of right ulna, upper third, September 14, 1862, for gunshot compound fracture of forearm." The patient died September 18, 1862. The excised portion of the ulna was contributed to the Museum by the operator, Dr. Mitchell, and is represented in the adjoining wood-cut (FIG. 705). It is described by Assistant Surgeon B. Stone, U. S. V., as "a section of shaft of the right ulna extensively comminuted by the impact of a conoidal musket ball."

FIG. 705.—Excised portion of ulna. Spec. 69.