CASE 1917.—Private John Shupe, Co. D, 155th Pennsylvania, age 18 years, was wounded at the South Side Railroad, October 27, 1864, and sent from a Fifth Corps field hospital to Washington. Surgeon N. R. Moseley, U. S. V., reported: "Admitted to Emory Hospital October 30, 1864. Gunshot wound of left forearm, with compound comminuted fracture of radius. November 2d, excision of about three inches of radius from lower third upward, through an incision about five inches in length; ball also extracted; anæsthetic chloroform. At time of operation the tissues were very much inflamed and lacerated, the radius comminuted, and the parts infiltrated With unhealthy pus; the constitutional state of the patient was good. After the operation the parts were left open and dry lint applied; stimulants were given internally, and nourishing diet ordered." The patient died November 6, 1864, from hectic fever. The specimen, represented in the accompanying wood-cut (FIG. 702). was contributed to the Museum by the operator, Dr. Moseley. It is described by Acting Assistant Surgeon J. E. Janvrin, who had charge of the case, as consisting of "the fractured portions of the radius removed during the operation. The larger piece is some two inches in length, and on making the incision was found detached from the shaft of the bone. The small spiculæ were removed from the ends of the fractured bone."

FIG. 702.—Three inches of left radius excised for shot injury. Spec. 3412.