CASE 1702.—Private G. S. Hicks, Co. A, 12th New York, aged 40 years, was wounded at Bull Run, August 30, 1862, and admitted to Mount Pleasant Hospital, Washington, on the following day. Assistant Surgeon C. A. McCall, U. S. A., contributed the specimen (FIG. 557), with the following notes of the case: "Compound comminuted fracture of right ulna; operation on October 2d; death on October 8, 1862. The treatment was cold-water dressings to the parts, with tonics and stimulants constitutionally, it being attempted to save the limb. But extensive inflammation set in, with profuse discharge, rendering amputation necessary. Teale's operation was performed. The patient, whose strength had been greatly reduced by the profuse suppuration, began to fail rapidly, and died, six days after the operation, of pyæmia." The specimen consists of "the upper halves of the bones of the right forearm and the lowest third of the humerus; the ulna was shattered throughout the upper third of the shaft and the fragments necrosed."—(Cat. Surg. Sect., 1866, p. 189.)

FIG. 557.—Shot, comminut'n of ulna, after amputation. Spec. 166.