CASE 945.—Contusion of the shoulder.—Private J. M. Granger, Co. F, 141st New York, aged 26 years, entered Central Park Hospital, New York City, December 17, 1862. Surgeon B. A. Clements, U. S. A., forwarded the following report: "In October, 1862, the patient was injured at Annapolis by the falling of a heavy piece of timber on his right shoulder, striking upon the superior and posterior aspect over the spine of the scapula. The blow was so severe as to knock him down. He was immediately taken to hospital, where the hand and arm swelled largely and he became unable to use them without great suffering. Five weeks afterwards he entered Trinity Hospital at Washington, whence he was transferred here two weeks later. On examination the patient was found to be well nourished and in general good condition, but his face had an anxious expression, or that of suffering. The right shoulder was swollen, the greatest amount of tumefaction being directly over the supra-spinous region. The whole arm and hand were also swollen and of a purplish color, and the patient was unable to raise them except to a limited degree. By an assistant the arm could be moved with difficulty and the hand might be placed on the top of the head. The patient underwent a variety of treatment, including colchicum, iodide of potassa, liniments, etc., without any appreciable benefit, the condition of the shoulder and arm remaining unchanged, the hand swollen and cold, and the arm quite stiff and useless. When he received his discharge from service December 23, 1863, his general health was not as good as formerly." He subsequently made application for pension, and received the following certificate from Examining Surgeon W. M. Chamberlain, of New York City: "There has been a general contusion of the shoulder, followed by inflammatory action about the joint. Depression of the shoulder and almost total inability to use the arm is dependent perhaps upon rupture of the musculo-spiral​ nerve." Owing to the applicant's inability to prove the origin of the injury in the line of duty his claim for pension was rejected.