CASE 921.—Private M. C. Fitzpatrick, Co. H, 2d New York Mounted Rifles, aged 50 years, was wounded before Petersburg, June 30, 1864. He was admitted to the field hospital of the 2d division, Ninth Corps, where Surgeon J. Harris, 7th Rhode Island, recorded: "Fracture of right foot by minié ball, followed by Chopart's amputation." Several days after the operation the patient was transferred to Washington, where he entered Stanton and subsequently Judiciary Square Hospital. The wound was reported as healing mostly by first intention, leaving an excellent stump. On April 1, 1865, the patient was discharged from service and pensioned, having been previously furnished with an artificial foot by the Jewett Patent Leg Co. Examiner H. N. Loomis, of Buffalo, N. Y., September 4, 1869, certified to the loss of the foot and stated: "Wound healed, leaving the ankle nearly powerless and the end of the stump and heel very tender. His general health is very feeble, with harassing cough and night sweats." The history of the case was accompanied by drawings copied in the adjoining wood-cuts (FIGS. 356, 357). The pensioner died of consumption December 28, 1869.

FIG. 356—CHOPART'S amputation; anterior view. [After a drawing.]
FIG. 357—CHOPART'S amputation; lateral view. [After a drawing.]
FIG. 361.—CHOPART'S amputation of the foot. [After ESMARCH.]