CASE 880.—Private P. Carter, Co. I, 7th Michigan, aged 22 years, was wounded at Fredericksburg, December 11, 1862. Surgeon G. S. Palmer, U. S. V., recorded his admission to the field hospital of the 2d division, Second Corps, with "shot fracture of right foot. Treatment of simple dressings." Two weeks after the reception of the injury the wounded man was transferred to Lincoln Hospital, Washington, where Syme's amputation at the ankle joint was performed, on December 26th, by Assistant Surgeon G. M. McGill, U. S. A. The patient recovered, and was discharged from service March 2, 1863, and pensioned. Several years afterwards he was fitted with an artificial foot by Dr. E. D. Hudson, of New York City. Dr. A. B. Ranney, of Bronson, Michigan, testified, June 25, 1875: "I have been Carter's family physician for the past three years and have examined him today. His right leg from the knee down is withered to the bone. The foot was taken off at the ankle joint, and there was no cushion left for the end of the bone to rest upon. At times the end of the bone is exposed and very painful, and much of the time there is discharge from the stump. I have treated him with poor success at various times during the years 1872, 1873, and 1874, and have advised an amputation of the limb at the knee, as it would, in my opinion, give him less trouble than at present," etc. The pensioner was paid March 4, 1881. A part of the amputated foot (Spec. 4859), showing fracture of the calcaneum​ and cuboid bone by a conoidal ball, was contributed to the Museum by the operator.