CASE 848.—Private D. Stottlemeyer, Co. K, 66th Ohio, aged 17 years, was wounded in the right ankle joint, at Cedar Mountain, August 9, 1862, and entered Fairfax Seminary Hospital several days afterwards. Surgeon D. P. Smith, U. S. V., reported that the patient was discharged from service October 9, 1862, by reason of "exsection​ of lower third of fibula, anchylosis of ankle joint," etc. Examiner S. M. Smith, of Columbus, Ohio, certified, December 22, 1862: "He received a wound in the right ankle, a musket ball entering the outer portion of the joint, embedding itself in the bones of the joint and fracturing them. Eleven days afterwards the missile and portions of bone were removed. At present there is great enlargement of the joint and foot, complete anchylosis of the joint, an open wound and necrosis of bone." Examining Surgeon W. S. Constant, of Delaware, Ohio, November 4, 1880, certified to the injury and reported as its result "an occasional suppurating wound of the ankle, partial anchylosis of ankle joint, and shortening of limb from contraction, so that he can walk only on the ball of the foot. The pensioner cannot walk any distance or do much manual labor."