CASE 843.—Private G. W. Velic, Co. C, 24th Michigan, aged 28 years, was wounded at Cold Harbor, June 3, 1864. He entered the field hospital of the 4th division, Fifth Corps, where Surgeon C. N. Chamberlain, U. S. V., recorded: "Severe shell wound of ankle joint; excision of lower end of fibula." Ten days after the date of the injury the wounded man was transferred to Armory Square Hospital, Washington, where Surgeon D. W. Bliss, U. S. V., subsequently amputated the limb and recorded the result of the case as follows: The injury was a lacerated wound of the right ankle, the outer malleolus being shattered and the joint opened. On June 28th the leg was amputated at the middle third. The circular flap operation was performed, the patient being under the influence of chloroform. On July 3d there was sloughing and sanious discharge from the stump. By July 12th there was hospital gangrene, which rapidly extended to the knee and was treated with nitric acid and yeast poultices. The patient died July 18, 1864."