CASE 819.—Private S. Vansiclen, Co. D, 9th New York State Militia, aged 20 years, was wounded at Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862. Surgeon C. J. Nordquist, 83d New York, reported his admission to the field hospital of the 2d division,First Corps, with "shot wound of left ankle." Acting Assistant Surgeon L. Dorsey contributed the following description of the injury: "A rifle ball penetrated the ankle, outer surface, fracturing the astragalus​ and tibia. The man was admitted to Harewood Hospital, Washington, ten days after being wounded. On December 27th he was etherized, when the broken bones were removed from the tibia and astragalus​. During the progress of the case it became necessary to make several counter openings. Simple dressings were applied and stimulants and tonics were freely given for a considerable length of time. In May, 1863, the wound had entirely healed and the patient was gradually recovering the use of the ankle joint. On June 4, 1863, he was discharged from service, having regained considerable motion of the joint." He subsequently became a pensioner and entered the National Military Home in Ohio, where he was examined at successive intervals by the Dayton Pension Board, who certified to the ball having passed through the ankle, and described the foot and ankle as being in very good condition, but the joint as partially anchylosed and about one-half inch shortened. The pensioner was paid December 4, 1880.