Title: McCabe, P.

Source text: The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion. (1861-65.), Part 3, Volume 2 (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1883), 577-578.

Keywords:wounds and injuries of the lower extremitieswounds and operations at the ankle jointshot contusions of the ankle jointshot contusions of the bones of the ankle joint treated by conservationball contused external malleolusabscess opened, bone exfoliated from external malleolusanchylosis of ankle joint, atrophy of leg

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CASE 811.—Private P. McCabe, Co. G, 87th Pennsylvania, aged 23 years, was wounded in the left ankle, before Petersburg, June 23, 1864, by a musket ball, which contused the external malleolus. He was admitted to Stanton Hospital, Washington, eleven days after the injury, with the limb greatly swollen and intensely painful. An abscess was opened on July 10th, and three weeks later a thin narrow piece of bone, about one inch long, exfoliated from the external malleolus. Subsequently another small necrosed piece was removed, after which rapid and steady improvement began and the pain disappeared. About September 25th the patient began to walk on crutches.¹ He was mustered out of service October 13, 1864, and pensioned. The Pension Examining Board in September, 1877, report a "tender and adherent cicatrix, complete anchylosis of the ankle joint, and some atrophy of the leg. In walking he cannot bring the heel to the ground, but puts his weight on the front part of the foot." He was paid his pension in June, 1881.

¹ LlDELL (J. A.), On Contusion and Contused Wounds of Bone, with an Account of Thirteen Cases, in Am. Jour. Med. Sci's, 1865, N. S., Vol. L, p. 36.