CASE 679.—Private A. Elmer, Co. I, 69th Pennsylvania, aged 21 years, was wounded at Petersburg, June 18, 1864, and admitted to the field hospital of the 2d division, Second Corps. Surgeon J. F. Dyer, 19th Massachusetts, reported: "Shot fracture of left leg by minié ball; anterior tibial artery divided. Ligation performed by Surgeon N. Hayward, 20th Massachusetts." Surgeon B. B. Wilson, U. S. V., reported that the wounded man was admitted to Stanton Hospital, Washington, July 1st, with " shot fracture of left tibia, lower third," for which splints and simple dressings were used, and that he was furloughed January 4, 1865. The patient was subsequently transferred to Satterlee Hospital, Philadelphia, whence he was discharged July 7, 1865 by reason of "lameness resulting from the injury," and pensioned. Examiner A. D. Newell, of New Brunswick, N. J., March 5, 1878, certified to the wound and fracture, and stated: "The bone is not sound now. The wounded leg is smaller. The tendo-achillis has contracted so that in walking his toes strike the ground is quite lame." The pensioner was paid December 4, 1879.