CASE 675.—Private T. Schrup, Co. B, 10th New York Cavalry, aged 22 years, was wounded in the left leg, near the South Side Railroad, April 2, 1865. He was conveyed to the Depot Hospital at City Point two days after the injury, and transferred to Washington April 30th. Surgeon R. B. Bontecou, U. S. V., in charge of Harewood Hospital, contributed the photograph shown in the adjoining cut (FIG. 261), and described the injury as "a shell wound, severely fracturing the tibia, lower third. On admission the patient was in good health; condition of injured parts good, although severely lacerated. Treatment: Simple dressings, splints, and supporting diet. The parts healed kindly, and the patient was doing well when transferred to Lincoln Hospital, July 20, 1865." He was discharged from service, at the latter hospital, August 12, 1865, Surgeon J. C. McKee, U. S. A., certifying to "partial paralysis of the left foot and leg, resulting from the wound." Immediately after being discharged the patient made an application for pension, and was examined by M. D. Benedict, Pension Examining Surgeon, who described the fractured bone as "united with slight shortening and some deformity," and the limb as useless for the time being. The man has not been heard from since filing his application.

FIG. 261.—Shell fracture of lower third of left tibia. [From a photograph.]