CASE 672.—Private J. Wells, Co. G, 71st Pennsylvania, aged 26 years, was wounded in the right leg, at Spottsylvania​, May 12, 1864. He entered Columbian Hospital, Washington, and was subsequently transferred to Harewood Hospital. Surgeon R. B. Bontecou, U. S. V., in charge of the latter, contributed the photograph (Card Photographs, Vol. 3, p. 30, A. M. M.). and reported that the patient was discharged from service June 29, 1865, by reason of "shot comminuted fracture of the tibia at the middle third." Examiner C. C. Halsey, of Montrose, Penn., December 4, 1865. certified to the injury, and stated: "The wound at point of entrance is not sound and the skin for from two to three inches around it is a mass of scabs and sores. He complains of pain about the ankle and foot. "The man drew pay as a full pensioner until September 4, 1866, after which time he ceased to communicate with the Pension Office for nearly thirteen years, when he reapplied and was restored, having in the meantime changed his residence to the State of Mississippi. Examiner T. G. Birchets, of Vicksburg, reported, February 16, 1880: "The wound is about the middle of the shaft of the tibia, resulting in a very large scar, and, from feeling, there has been loss of bone. His personal appearance is healthy. There is no disability." The pensioner was paid March 4, 1880, having his rate, in consequence of the last Examiner's report, reduced from total to one-fourth.