CASE 646.—Private D. Meikle, Co. B, 11th Massachusetts, aged 20 years, was wounded at Bull Run, August 30, 1862, and admitted to Fairfax Seminary Hospital nine days afterwards. Surgeon D. P. Smith, U. S. V., reported: "The case was one of gunshot wound of left knee joint, and the sequence of the injury was an amputation at the knee joint, performed by lateral flaps, on September 28th. Secondary hæmorrhage to the amount of sixteen ounces occurred on October 4th from the popliteal artery, when the stump was opened, the vessel dissected up for about two inches, and again tied. Three days afterwards hæmorrhage recurred; the stump was again reopened and the artery dissected up into Hunter's canal, where, becoming the femoral, it was then ligated. No further bleeding took place, and the patient recovered with a beautifully firm and broad stump." The patient was discharged from service December 16, 1862, and pensioned. He was paid March 4, 1880. The stump was described to be in good condition in the pensioner's application for commutation.