CASE 582.—Private B. Madden,¹ Co. A, 28th Massachusetts, was wounded at Fredericksburg, December 14, 1862, by a shell in the left knee joint. He was admitted to Douglas Hospital, Washington, twelve days afterwards. Medical Cadet S. T. Kingston, U. S. A., contributed the pathological specimen, represented in the annexed wood-cut (FIG. 239), and reported that "the patient died December 29, 1862, from the effects of a shell wound in the left knee." The specimen consists of a ligamentous preparation of the injured knee, showing fearful laceration and complete destruction by the missile, two fragments of which are mounted with the preparation.

¹ This case has been alluded to and the specimen figured in Circular No. 6, War Department, S. G. O., Washington, 1865, pp. 37, 38, FIG. 50.

FIG. 239.—Destruction of left knee by a shell explosion. Spec. 709.