CASE 558.—Private J. W. Warrington, Co. C, 110th Ohio, was wounded on April 2, 1865, at Petersburg, by a round ball from a spherical case shell. The ball entered the centre of the patella, and, producing a stellate fracture of that bone, passed downward, backward, and inward, and was cut out, on the field, one and a half inches below the tuberosity of the tibia. On April 12, 1865, the patient was admitted into Judiciary Square Hospital. There was no pain in the knee joint, and but little swelling. The treatment had been limited to dressings of cold water, which were continued for a few days, and followed by applications of ice. The patient was removed to Douglas Hospital June 19, 1865, when three small necrosed fragments of the patella were removed. A photograph of the patient, taken July 9, 1865, is No. 64, Surg. Phot. Series, A. M. M. The wounds had healed and the patient walked about with a cane. There was at no time any indication of the formation of pus within the joint. The facts of the case were communicated by Acting Assistant Surgeon H. S. Colton. Warrington was discharged July 24, 1865, and pensioned. He was paid September 4, 1879.