CASE 217.—Recruit John H. Skillington, 49th Pa.; age 25; was admitted Sept. 9, 1864, with typhoid fever. He fell into an unconscious state, and died on the 14th. Post-mortem examination one hour and a half after death: Slight effusion beneath arachnoid at apex; three small, flat, strong deposits in anterior part of posterior commissure in front of pineal gland; a dirty looking clot in the heart; gray hepatization of posterior part of upper lobe of right lung and minute red-brown interlobular infiltrations in posterior part of lower lobe; liver large; spleen large, dark and hard; kidneys pale; ileum, near ileo-cæcal valve, showing patches of congestion and ulcers with thickened and reddened borders; colon normal.—Third Division Hospital, Alexandria, Va.