CASE.—Assistant Surgeon Levi Jewett, 14th Connecticut Volunteers, aged 20 years, while attending upon the wounded at the battle of Ream's Station, Virginia, August 25th, 1864, was struck upon the left side of the head by a fragment of shell which fractured the outer table of the parietal bone, and the zygomatic process of the temporal, denuding the skull over an equilateral triangular surface of four inches a side. For a few days he was treated in the hospital of the Second Corps, then transferred to Washington, and on the 29th admitted into the Emory Hospital. So far as recorded cold water dressings formed the main treatment. On September 1st he was transferred to the Seminary Hospital in Georgetown, and thence on December 3d to the Officer's Hospital at Annapolis, Maryland. He remained under general treatment until January 6th, 1865, when he was discharged from service. He still complained of a fullness of the head and of imperfect vision of the left eye though there was no perceptible difference in the organs of vision. He was naturally short sighted​. The general condition of the patient, however, was good. The case is reported by Acting Assistant Surgeon J. Longenecker. This officer has not applied for a pension.