CASE 184—Private Abram Beeker, Co. H, 14th U. S. Inf.; age 39; was admitted May 11, 1864 with a gunshot flesh wound of the left heel. He contracted typhoid fever while in hospital, but had apparently convalesced; his appetite improved, and he gained strength during the last two days of his life; he was walking about within ten minutes of his death on July 30. Post-mortem examination seventeen hours after death: Body well nourished. The lungs contained much frothy, bloody fluid; the right weighed nineteen ounces and three-quarters, the left nineteen ounces. The heart was flabby and contained a small soft fibrinous clot in the right ventricle. The liver was flabby and dark-colored; the spleen weighed thirteen ounces and three-quarters. In the ileum Peyer's patches were congested, near the ileo-cæcal valve ulcerated; some of the solitary glands also were ulcerated. The large intestine was somewhat congested in its upper portion.—Act. Ass't Surg. H. M. Dean, Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C.