CASE 169.—Private Joseph Gilly, Co. D, 6th Pa. Heavy Art.; age 47; was admitted Oct. 30, 1864, with typhoid fever, and died November 3. Post-mortem examination nine hours after death: Marked rigor mortis; slight emaciation; suggillation posteriorly. Lungs very dark, filled with blood; bronchi slightly congested; bronchial glands normal; ventricles of heart dilated and containing small dark clots; liver enlarged, pale; spleen enlarged, darkened, much softened; mucous coat of stomach and jejunum normal; Peyer's patches in the lower two feet of ileum and solitary follicles of first six inches of colon thickened and ulcerated; mesenteric glands enlarged, filled with dark matter, especially three near the cæcum; kidneys congested.—Second Division Hospital, Alexandria, Va.