CASE 122.—Private Aaron T. Ward, Co. B, 20th Me.; age 25; was admitted Oct. 29, 1862, with diarrhœa following typhoid fever. He was feeble and emaciated; the stools were generally natural in color, but liquid and occasionally streaked with blood. On November 11, the diarrhœa still continuing, he was attacked with diphtheria characterized by suffocative paroxysms; he died next day. Post-mortem examination eighteen hours after death: The larynx was œdematous and lined with pseudo-membrane. The lungs were congested. The heart was normal, its right ventricle filled with a large firm clot. The stomach, liver and kidneys were normal. The glands of Brünner were enlarged; Peyer's glands thickened and in the lower portion of the ileum ulcerated.—Third Division Hospital, Alexandria, Va.