CRANE, ETHAN, A., Musician, Co. K, 44th New York Volunteers, was wounded, at the battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia, June 3d, 1864, by a conoidal musket ball, which struck the frontal bone on the right side, near the median line, and glanced, apparently causing only a flesh wound; the bone was barely bruised. He was admitted to the hospital of the Fifth Corps, and, on June 10th, was sent to the Carver Hospital at Washington. The case progressed favorably until June 20th, when grave cephalic symptoms came on. The patient became comatose, and died on June 22d, 1864, from cerebral complications. The autopsy revealed a large abscess in the right anterior lobe of the brain, with meningitis beneath the seat of injury. The external table of the bone was slightly discolored and cribriform, while the internal presented a faint attempt at the formation of a circumscribed area of the effects of osteitis. The diploe was found of a dark yellowish gray color, as in cases of osteomyelitis in long bones. The pathological specimen was sent to the Army Medical Museum, and is numbered 1393 in Section I. The specimen and history were contributed by Assistant Surgeon H. Allen, U. S. Army.