CASE 84.—Serg't John H. Peters, Co. E, 120th Pa.; admitted April 20, 1863. Diagnosis—typho-malarial fever. Died 30th. Post-mortem examination nine hours after death: Some rigor mortis. Brain weighed forty-six ounces and a half. Mucous membrane of trachea pale. Right lung fifteen ounces and a half, healthy; left lung thirteen ounces and three-quarters, dark blue, its apex purple. Heart normal; soft black clot in right ventricle; small narrow clot in left ventricle. Liver forty-nine ounces and a half, dark purple externally, paler on section, rather soft; capsule of Glisson readily torn. Spleen eight ounces and a quarter, soft, dark mulberry color, trabeculæ conspicuous. Pancreas four ounces and one-quarter, natural. Stomach mottled dark and pale red. Mucous membrane of small intestine generally pale, with irregular patches of congestion; Peyer's patches pale; solitary follicles, especially in lower part, dark purple in color, enlarged and ulcerated; mucous membrane of vermiform appendix dark-colored and presenting two ulcerated patches one-eighth of an inch in length. Large intestine gray throughout; solitary glands conspicuous; three ulcers in the lower part of the bowel—the first, one inch in diameter, in the sigmoid flexure, the others, smaller, in the middle portion of the rectum. Kidneys congested.—Ass't Surg. Harrison Allen, U. S. A., Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C.