CASE 65.—Private John D. Evans, Co. H, 1st Mich. Cav.; age 28; admitted July 20, 1864, from Camp Distribution, Va. Diagnosis—typho-malarial fever. He had frontal headache, pain in limbs and back, anorexia, sickness at stomach, troublesome diarrhœa, hectic flush on cheeks, irritative cough, deafness of right ear, tongue yellow-coated and eyes suffused and yellowish. Sinapisms were applied over the right lung and liver, and tincture of aconite in acetate of ammonia was given every two hours, with subsequently Hope's mixture and wine bitters. He seemed to improve for some days, but on August 1 he refused food altogether; his cough increased, becoming dry, irritable and paroxysmal, lasting for ten minutes at a time and preventing sleep; his urination became difficult, but this was relieved by extract of buchu and sweet spirit of nitre; and the right parotid became enlarged, indurated and painful. Next day there was a very offensive fetid discharge from the nose and muttering delirium set in, followed by death. Post-mortem examination two hours after death: Robust, muscular. Right lung and pleura somewhat inflamed, large abscess in the middle lobe; liver much congested; œsophagus, stomach and intestines inflamed throughout; Peyer's patches, cæcum and colon ulcerated.—Third Division Hospital, Alexandria, Va.