CASE 62.—Private Eber Elmer, Co. E, 186th N. Y.; age 17; admitted Oct. 21, 1864. Diagnosis—typho-malarial fever. Died 24th. Post-mortem examination thirty hours after death: Body muscular and well developed; sudamina on chest and abdomen; sordes on teeth; slight suggillation posteriorly. Lungs congested; lower lobe of left and upper and lower lobes of right lung hepatized posteriorly; base of left lung covered with recent lymph; each pleural cavity containing two ounces of bloody serum; bronchi congested and filled with frothy mucus; bronchial glands normal. Heart healthy, small clots in the left and a large clot in the right cavities. Stomach filled with air and dark grumous blood; small intestine congested and inflamed; Peyer's patches much thickened, especially near ileo-cæcal valve, where there was one small ulcer; mesenteric glands dark and enlarged; colon and rectum healthy. Liver large, healthy; gall-bladder containing six drachms of dark bile; spleen enlarged, softened, quite dark in color; pancreas, kidneys and bladder healthy.—Second Division Hospital, Alexandria, Va.