CASE 59.—Private Thomas Hurten, Company C, 140th Ind.; age 18; was admitted Jan. 29, 1865, with typho-malarial fever. He died February 8. Post-mortem examination eleven hours after death: Lungs hypostatically congested; posterior pleuritic adhesions on left side; heart flabby. Liver weighed seventy-six ounces; spleen twenty-eight ounces; mesenteric glands greatly swollen, varying from the size of a pea to that of an almond, some containing a creamy dark-yellow fluid, and one presenting some yellow points of softening; Peyer's patches enlarged and ulcerated in the lower part of the ileum,—in the upper part was a patch four inches long; solitary glands much enlarged, feeling like small shot beneath the mucous membrane; kidneys normal.—Douglas Hospital, Washington, D. C.