CASE 886.—Private Martin Burley, company F, 2d Pennsylvania cavalry; age 29; admitted to Douglas hospital, Washington, D C., May 10, 1864. Diagnosis, dropsy. Transferred to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 14th. Admitted to Mower hospital, Philadelphia, May 15th. Diagnosis, general debility. Transferred, February 11, 1865. Admitted to Turner's Lane hospital, Surgeon R. A. Christian, U. S. V., in charge, February 11th. Diagnosis, partial paraplegia. The case-book of the latter hospital states that this man enlisted February 13, 1862; was first taken with diarrhœa at Occoquan creek, Virginia; it continued five months. He was furloughed, for sixty days about two months after being taken ill, but was not well enough to return to his regiment when the furlough expired. While on furlough the diarrhœa ceased, but soon after his lower extremities, especially the left, became partially paralyzed. He went to Washington about six months after he received his furlough, and was admitted to Douglas hospital as above stated. At present his lower limbs are so feeble that he can only walk with crutches. Muscular contractility and sensation appear to be good in both limbs, but the left leg is feeble and three-quarters of an inch smaller round the calf than the other. His general health is apparently good. This man was discharged from the hospital by reason of expiration of term of service, March 3, 1865. His condition at that time was much improved.