Case from the case-book of the THIRD DIVISION of the ALEXANDRIA HOSPITAL, Surgeon Edwin Bentley, U. S. V., in charge:⃰

CASE 472.—Private Lewis Warner, company K, 118th Pennsylvania volunteers; admitted November 18, 1862. Dysentery. At the time of admission he had discharges from his bowels every three or four hours; the stools were very offensive, dark colored, grumous, and contained blood and pus; the pulse was small and rapid. Treatment: Acetate of lead and opium, stimulants. Died, November 20th. Autopsy eighteen hours after death: The bowels were distended with flatus. The external surface of the large intestine was of a dark lead-color; its mucous membrane highly congested, softened, and gangrenous in spots. The liver and spleen were healthy.

⃰ It is to be regretted that, in most instances, the records of this hospital do not show by whom the autopsies were made. It is known that many of them were made by Surgeon Bentley himself, or under his immediate supervision, but it is only possible to distinguish these from the others in a few cases.