The notes were forwarded, with the specimens, to the Army Medical Museum from EMORY HOSPITAL, Washington, D. C., Surgeon Nathaniel R. Moseley, U. S. V., in charge:

CASE 432.—Private Richard Bagler, company H, 6th Ohio cavalry; age 47; admitted from the hospital of the Cavalry Corps, City Point, Virginia, November 14, 1864. Chronic diarrhœa. The patient was in an advanced stage of the disease. He was treated with astringents and stimulants, astringent enemata, &c. The discharges soon became involuntary, and he died November 18th. Autopsy next day, by Acting Assistant Surgeon Isaac M. Downs: Numerous follicular ulcers with dark colored bases were found throughout the colon; between them the mucous membrane was slightly frosted with pseudomembrane; the walls of the colon were thickened. [The condition of other organs is not recorded.]—Surgeon N. R. Moseley, U. S. V. [No. 438, Medical Section, Army Medical Museum, is from this case. The specimen is a portion of the transverse colon, presenting numerous large follicular ulcers, and somewhat frosted with pseudomembrane.]