Case from the case-book and medical descriptive lists of the DOUGLAS HOSPITAL, Washington, D. C., Assistant Surgeon William Thomson, U. S. A., in charge from February, 1863, to September, 1864, and after September, 1865:

CASE 307.—Private Adam Hart, company K, 6th Michigan cavalry; age 30; admitted from the army of the Potomac October 10, 1863. Chronic diarrhœa and consumption. This man was admitted in an advanced stage of chronic diarrhœa; he had also a constant cough and purulent expectoration. He stated that a year since he had copious hæmoptysis, which had recurred at intervals. His family have a phthisical proclivity. October 11th: Prescribed turpentine emulsion and elixir of opium; milk diet. October 19th: His stomach became irritable; the diarrhœa and cough are no better. Stop medicines: brandy. October 21st: Prescribed tannin and opium. Died, November 3d. Autopsy fourteen hours after death: There were tubercles in the apices of both lungs, but no great amount of disease. The colon and rectum were extensively ulcerated. The other viscera were normal.—Acting Assistant Surgeon Francis M. Holly.